Too old/male/poor
I have a child named Bacon.
I wasted my life away at school; therefore, I am tumblr illiterate.

Dying should feel gentler.


Dying should feel gentler.

Still, he can feel the cold in his bones, the temperature of his body leaving him along with every breath his lungs relinquish. Only his right arm, the one she leans against, feels warm. His attention focuses entirely on the radiating heat.

She is quiet. And shaking,…

u r so LAME


adam pls.

im not downloading skype, im not downloading yahoo. if you want to talk, you know where to find me

u fuck i dont even tumbl anymore much less yayhoo i aint gonna make no tumblr

you dont even tumblr yet you are here sending me anonymous messages i mean really come on

how do u not have skype when u have aim loooooser

skype is stupid i wouldn’t make a skype for an anonymous person anyway